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Gianluca Meloni, born in Rome, made his musical path through different styles; has been studying Piano at “Conservatorio di Santa Cecilia in Roma” and played in various underground bands; his big passion about music starts back when he after being listening to Tangerine Dreams first album decides to buy his first synth: a Korg MS-10.

He was a pioneer in the 90′s and was able to insert electronic seeds into an underground scene mainly ruled by Gianluca Meloni A.K.A. LAERTES progressive rock; his most important contribution in that period was the album “Strani Sogni” of the band SIG V, CNI Music -Italy.

His debut single “Perchè Non Parli” was a huge successs in Italy and was much more than often played in italians radio’s shows.

Not that later he met up with Dino Sabatini, still “just” a guitarist, after a studio session and a very solid friendship, based on their common passion for music, starts to grow between them; that amazing duo soon became the “Modern Heads” project, leading both of them to play in some of the most prestigious clubs around the globe as Panorama Bar in Berlin, Brancaleone in Rome and Macumba, Madrid, AIR Tokyo, FUSE in Bruxelles, just to list few.

Some years later Gianluca together with Carlo Alfano became the founder of the project “notfromearth“, expanding his artistic view into a very well crafted new Audio & Video concept, revealing soon his high level of professionally and experience; his first e.p. on Prologue label, “Origin e.p.”, is indeed a big proof of that !.

In 2016 started a new solo project Laertes inspired by the research of electronic music through the modular synthesis and passion for live improvisation, in which reason in his live set will always find vintage analog instruments, and modern technology.