DJ set




2 persons from Skopje, Macedonia


An electronic music duo from Macedonia, currently based in Skopje. The name Binary Thoughts may speak for itself, but there is a much deeper meaning embedded within.

The ancestral way of thinking has always been 'binary'. To understand nature and all its phenomena, we made a world of oppositions (day/night, sun/moon, male/female). Where the law of "all or nothing” rules, there is no in-between. But the reality is indeed always more complex and more interconnected than what our 'perception' of the world suggests.

This perception beyond this “all or nothing” connected Ana Bogatinovska and Jovana Gjorgievska. At first strangers to each other, they met at a music festival in their native country; And after a long discussion about electronic music, they've decided to do a project that will connect their somewhat different but similar taste in electronic music.

Their melancholic, delicate and hypnotic sounds use 'binary thinking' as a motor to press on to a third term or a higher category that represents a transcending reconciliation or unity: where thesis and antithesis are always harnessed to yield a synthesis. Where seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary: Yin and Yang.

Currently, they are exploring the vast horizons of deep and hypnotic soundscapes intending to create their unique blend of creativity to start producing their music.